In the era of digitalization, I am constantly looking for new ways to better organize my life amidst the information overload of digital tools. Do you feel the same way? We are inundated with a flood of information every day: Newsletters, newspaper articles, online news, podcasts, reports, videos, news programs, talk shows - the list is endless. Each of us has to find our own way to effectively cope with this daily flood of information. Some swear by traditional methods such as books and notepads to capture their thoughts, while others, like me, go digital. In this post, I'd like to make a recommendation that should be of particular interest to the tech enthusiasts among us: READWISE.

READWISE: The art of "wise reading "

READWISE, frei übersetzt als “lese weise“, ist ein Online-Tool, das dir auf clevere Weise dabei hilft, die tägliche Informationsflut zu meistern. Zwei Beispiele zeigen dir, wie es funktioniert.

Example 1: Digital text passages from books

Imagine you are reading a book, digitally of course, via the KINDLE app. You electronically mark text passages that would otherwise gather dust on the digital or physical shelf like all your other daily markings. This is where READWISE comes into play: by linking to your Kindle app or Apple Books, READWISE collects all the book's highlighted passages and automatically transfers them to your digital notes app (I use Notion). In addition, you can set READWISE to send you a daily email in which it presents you with a number of highlighted passages from the collection you have collected over the years and reminds you of them. In my case, for example, this is 5 passages of text every day at a time I specify. In less than two minutes, I regularly read the treasures of my (digital) library.

Example 2: Findings on the Internet

You are surfing the internet, be it on LinkedIn or elsewhere on the web. You find an interesting text. READWISE now offers two options:

  1. Read Later: You send the reference via browser extension to READWISE's Read Later, a kind of "inbox" for all references that you would like to read at a later date.
  2. Read Now: Read Now: You read the text immediately and mark the text passage that interests you, as described in the Kindle example. The highlighted passage from the web is transferred to your Notes app in the same way as in the first example and appears regularly in your daily email resubmission.

Incidentally, this principle also works with videos, podcasts or emails, which you can simply forward to READWISE.

Ein unschätzbares Tool für #Produktivität und #Lernen

Take advantage of digitalization to maximize your knowledge and efficiency. READWISE can be a helpful tool here, a key to mastering the digital information overload and increasing your productivity. Just give it a try.

Happy Learning!

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