It was the beginning of January and I was in desperate mood of a haircut. I hadn't been able to get an appointment before Christmas, but luckily I was able to get a date with my favorite local hairdresser right in the new year - and on a Friday evening at 7:00 pm.

I couldn't choose who was going to cut my hair when I booked online. So, excited about the unknown, I embarked on the adventure - true to the advertising slogan from the 80s: "Beautiful hair is given to me, let it live...", I thought to myself, "it'll be fine."

When I entered the hairdressing salon, there was no one else there apart from me and the hairdresser. Her colleagues were on their well-deserved end of work. She had therefore turned up the music a little in preparation for her own evening. I thought it was ok. As her last customer for the day, she greeted me with the words: "Hi Michael, nice to see you. My name is Michaela. That fits!"

Off we went: Hair wash, followed by a relaxing head massage and at the same time the chair in front of the hair wash basin proved to be an extremely pleasant contemporary, massaging up and down my back. Afterwards, as I sat on the chair in front of the mirror like a watered, kneaded and still unkempt poodle, the usual question: "So, how's it going to be?" As I can never think of anything better, I always answer: "short".

And so it was - entertaining. Michaela was quite talkative, the 20-25 minutes of haircutting felt more like 5 minutes to me. When she had finished her work, I experienced the highlight of the evening. "Oh gosh", she said, "now I've talked so much again that I could hardly enjoy your haircut!"

Astonished, I asked: "What now? It's Friday evening, you've had a whole week and a whole day and you still think it's a pleasure to cut my hair at 7pm on a Friday evening after an intensive week at work?" Her answer came out of the blue:

"For me, cutting hair is like music to my ears!"

Wow! That was a goosebump moment. Or to put it in the words of #FrithjofBergmann: "New Work is work that you really, really want. " First of all, this has absolutely nothing to do with foosball tables, fancy offices or fruit baskets. How lucky to meet someone with so much passion and intrinsic motivation.FrithjofBergmann zu sagen: “New Work ist Arbeit, die du wirklich, wirklich willst.” Das hat erst einmal absolut nichts mit Kickertischen, schicken Büros oder Obstkörben zu tun. Welch ein Glück, jemanden mit so viel Leidenschaft und intrinsischer Motivation zu begegnen.

Would you like to experience it for yourself? Just get in touch with me and I'll be happy to put you in touch with Michaela for your next hairdressing appointment. 

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