Jubilations in Hamburg. Last night was cup night for Hamburg. As a result, two Hamburg teams are in the quarterfinals for the first time since 1997 and for the second time in cup history!

At the Millerntor in Hamburg, Sebastian Schweinsteiger stood in front of the microphone after St. Pauli's game against Borussia Dortmund and criticized BVB for the will to win, which was not always apparent, and for the non-existent mentality that ultimately brought the Kiez-Club their success.

This statement can be used to fill the famous "phrase bank" in soccer and yet it sums up Dortmund's defeat: It is not the accumulation of superstars, not an ensemble of gifted technicians, and certainly not BVB's declaration of intent, issued before the game, to move into the Cup final in Berlin this year that will lead to success.

Because - attention phrase: THE TRUTH IS ON THE PITCH! There, the will to win and the unity of the team determine success!

By the way, this is also the case in operational changes: Not the slogans and colorful PowerPoint slides and also not the accumulation of the top scorers of the Leadership Talent Rating lead to success - it is the recognizable will and the unity of the leadership that decisively influence the game of change.

So: Friday is derby time - it's back to keeping your fingers crossed for Bundesliga promotion in Hamburg - may the better team win - only HSV! 😂

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